About Us

Crudités All Day was founded in the Summer of 2020, because we were tired of the series of crappy world events that the year was bringing us.  Starting a new business in the middle of a global pandemic sounded like the most 2020 decision we could make, so we did what any sound entrepreneurs would do, and jumped in with both feet.
Who are "we", you ask?  We are sisters from the same mister, Christina and Brianne.  Christina is currently living in Okinawa, Japan with her USMC husband and two kids.  Brianne divides her time between Fort Myers, FL and Minnesota, where her husband hurls baseballs in the MLB.  She has two GSP dogs that she spoils rotten.  While we are 12 years apart, people often comment that we look like twins, much to the chagrin of Brianne.  Christina is cool with that statement, but realizes that the people saying this aren't close enough to see her wrinkles.